If the world were a perfect place, we’d all be fully recognized, rewarded and appreciated for our hard work — and talent and perseverance would be the only way to get ahead. But in our fast-track world, does merit always mean success?

That’s what the MeriTALKracy initiative is all about. Inspired by the motto on the Upper Canada College school crest — Palmam qui meruit ferat (let he who merited the palm bear it) — prominent grads (and beyond) weigh in on the topic of merit: Who deserves it and how has a commitment to earning it shaped one’s life?

For generations of Upper Canada College graduates, this Latin phrase has long remained indelibly etched on the brain, offering a source of lifelong inspiration, even courage.

As MeriTALKracy founder, UCC grad, parent and CEO of the RIWI Corporation, Neil Seeman turns the conversation over to a diverse range of successful people. Co-sponsored by his alma mater, MeriTALKracy aims to explore notions of risk, reward, work, fairness, luck and talent with a wide range of prominent people, from UCC and beyond.

If you’re inspired to weigh in, the MeriTALKracy initiative would be delighted to accept new submissions from the UCC community.

Please send your submissions to uccmeritproject@ucc.on.ca

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