By Aleck. Sutherland, Esq., Head Boy, U.C.C., 1876

“Let him who wins the prize the honor bear!”
So say we to the acrobat:
All glory to the man who striveth fair!
“Palmam qui meruit ferat.”

The baseball player swift of eye and foot
Strives mightily with swinging bat,
Those who look on applaud, and root,
“Palmam qui meruit ferat.”

The wrestlers work with muscles strong and stout,
To gain great glory on the mat:
The purse goes to the winner of the bout,
“Palmam qui meruit ferat.”

To clergyman who works for God and Good
His brothers give the mitre hat:
The world approves, and so ’tis understood,
“Palmam qui meruit ferat.”

That virtue is its own reward and right,
We think there’s no denying that;
Oh beauty of the striving soul, and light!
“Palmam qui meruit ferat.”

Oh School most dear, sweet memory of youth,
In hall and class-room there we sat!
You stored our minds with knowledge, and THIS truth!
“Palmam qui meruit ferat.”

One hundred years have gone, oh glorious past!
Like dew upon the flowered field and flat,
Your influence on mind and man will last!
“Palmam qui meruit ferat.”

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